Ace sports Coaching, a sports coaching provider based in the East Midlands.

Bit more about me :

I have been coaching for 15 years now and have been running ASC for 4 years. We now teach around 1,000 children a week and work with 20 schools and local clubs offering a wide range of sports and activities for the children aged 3 +.

Within the team I have 10 coaches all with huge amounts of experience and a great passion to teach children and to see them progress.

At Ace Sports Coaching we pride ourselves on delivering high energy, quality sports sessions.

Our ethos is first of all to provide a fun, safe environment for the children.

All of our coaching sessions are based around – ACE –

Achieve – Our goal is to get the children to be able to complete challenges / activities that we set.  This ensures the children are kept engaged and motivated.

Challenge – At ACE Sports Coaching we feel that we can adapt all of our sessions in order to challenge all children within the session no matter their standard or age. We also have lesson plans to allow us to make the sessions easier if required.

Educate – At the end of each session / term we want the children to come away from our sessions with a new skill that stays with them outside of the session.

Within our sessions we feel it is important to reward good behaviour, and we offer stickers and rewards for the children!

This is not for the best sports person but for the child who has shown the best attitude to the session. 

We look forward to teaching you soon!

Nick is a fantastic coach! I'm coached in a women's group made up of a wide range of abilities and Nick ensures we have bespoke training to work on our natural strengths and weaknesses. He has a relaxed style while making sure we all improve week by week while we also have a lot of fun! I look forward to our tennis group (even when it's raining)! and I really feel my tennis is improving session by session! - Robyn